Private and Semi-Private Sessions

private sessions

buyIntroductory Private Session for $35

Private sessions are the fastest way to progress in Pilates.

When working one-on-one, we are able to customize each workout to suit your individual needs; whether it’s helping you rehabilitate an injury, change poor postural habits, gain a competitive edge as an athlete, or just alleviate muscle imbalances and stress.

Private Instruction

No matter what brings you to us initially, you will experience the many benefits of increased strength, flexibility, improved posture, better alignment and awareness and overall sense of well-being.

During your private session, you will get to experience the full range of equipment, which can include the Reformer, Mat, Tower, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Pedi-pull, Ladder Barrel and Spine Corrector as well as all a multitude of small props. Since it’s just you working out, your instructor can adjust the intensity of the work appropriate for your level and how you’re feeling that day.

Private sessions are also recommended for clients with special considerations or injuries.

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Student Teachers

Train with one of our wonderful and enthusiastic student teachers. Our student teachers have recently completed the very rigorous BASI™ Pilates teacher training course and are now in the process of fulfilling their over 500 hours of study, which includes 200 hours of student teaching prior to attaining their certification. We are offer inexpensive private sessions to enable these instructors to complete their apprenticeship hours.

So if you have ever wanted to do private sessions but were prohibited by the cost, this is a great opportunity.

One private session only $25!