I discovered Body in Motion when going through a rigorous Pilates teacher training. Body in Motion was the only studio that encompassed the standards of my training, offered enough variety of classes, and was honestly “fun” enough for me to devote myself to. I actually drove an hour each way up to 5 days a week to take classes at BIM…simply not finding anything up to my standards in my local area!
 Dominique is a perfectionist, and the teachers she hires are credentialed by the top Pilates schools. If you are looking for dynamic programming, expert teachers, and a gorgeous studio, definitely try Body in Motion. You probably won’t want to work out anywhere else afterwards!
- Sabrina W. Carmel, CA.


I was looking for a workout that would carry me through the winter months when I could not walk because it was either too cold, dark or raining. I discovered the Body in Motion Pilates Studio and fell in love with the Xtend Barre workout. It is a workout that makes me feel like every muscle in my body was worked out. Dominique and her team of trainers are fabulous! The classes begin on time and ends on time that is perfect for my working schedule. There are classes throughout the week that I can fit into my schedule. Almost each day you have a different trainer so you get a different workout from each of them in a fast, paced, fun way. As a participant you don’t have to worry about what you may look like to everyone else as you do the workouts; because all the participants are focusing on themselves making sure they are doing the exercises correctly. Love it, love it, love it! Thanks to the team at Body in Motion. Keep up the great job!
- Marilyn J. Aptos, CA.


Pilates has been in my life since 1999. I have worked with many wonderful instructors in the Santa Cruz area, but Body In Motion is the best… Barre none :-) Not only is the establishment beautiful and clean, the equipment AND instructors are top notch! Dominique oversees a knowledgeable and skillful crew. The care and genuine concern for clientele shows supreme customer service, something hard to come by these days. Thanks, Body In Motion!
- Robin M. Capitola, CA.


I love this studio. All of the instructors are A-one, knowledgeable, caring, and talented. Plus they are warm, funny, and good-hearted people. I have been coming to mat and apparatus classes for 5 plus years here and I absolutely love it, couldn’t do without it and don’t want to go anywhere else. Thank you all for helping me stay in shape as I age ever so gracefully. I wouldn’t look as good without you!
- Laura G. Soquel, CA.


You must come and experience this studio first hand!! The instructors are so warm, welcoming and supportive as well as being top-notch at what they do. In addition the studio is beautiful and you will find it an attractive space to do your workout. They have guided me to more physical strength than I have ever felt in my body and were able to really isolate the areas with which I could benefit tremendously and develop them, giving me more ease in myself. The personalized attention will blow you away!
- Jennie W. Santa Cruz, CA.


I started doing Pilates in 2003, after searching since 2000 for something to replace squash (which I had played for 25 years, but which I had to stop because of a back injury). Pilates has kept my back healthy, strong, and young. Body in Motion is terrific: the physical space is lovely, the clients are nice, but most importantly the teaching (both mat and individual classes) is superb. I have now done Pilates across the world and can attest that Body in Motion is indeed as good as it gets.
- Marc M. Aptos, CA.


If you are looking for a class that will have you ADDICTED from the first day. You have to try the Xtend Barre class. I have been looking all over the peninsula for a Barre class and I am so excited to have found one at Body in motion. I love that the class offers a little something different every time. This is a hard work out, you will work up a good sweat but when you walk out, you will glow and feel amazing . I highly recommend Body in Motion.
- Michelle A. Pebble Beach, CA.


I have been doing Pilates for about 5 years now and I have taken advantage of all that Body In Motion has to offer. They have private lessons, Mat classes, and apparatus classes. I love the trainers and the flexible schedule. Each class is challenging, yet fun and dynamic.
- Jennifer W. Soquel, CA.


After having my third child 8 weeks ago i decided it was time to get back into pilates to start slowly strengthening my core and body again. I choose to start this program at body in motion Pilates studio in Aptos. The studio is intimate clean and bright and the staff is awesome! The teachers are very patient and encouraging and now I am taking apparatus classes and feel better and stronger already. This is the best studio in Santa Cruz and I highly recommend it!
- Salina F. Santa Cruz, CA.


I took my first Xtend Barre stick class today and LOVED it! I’ve taken other barre classes in the San Jose area before but none of them were as dynamic, well balanced and fun as this class at Body in motion. It was challenging in a good way, included a lot of core work, elements from the Pilates apparatus and felt effective from the first to the last minute. The teacher was friendly and very good with counting the music and giving the right cues. The studio is beautiful, light and clean. Will definitively go there again.
- Jennifer P. Los Gatos, CA.


Wow, I fell in love with Xtend Barre classes!! They are fun and different form anything i have ever done before and gave a total body workout. After just one month of classes i was able to notice a different in my body my muscles were toning up nicely and my butt was getting nice and firm! Also the staff are super encouraging and make your workout feel personal every time you show up. I would suggest going to these classes if you are looking for a new and exciting workout routine!!!
- Emily O. Aptos, CA.


I’ve been going to Body In Motion for about 7 years. I’ve done private lessons, group apparatus, Pilates, and Xtend Barre there. It’s all great! The owner is so knowledgeable and really knows how to cater to individual needs as well as provide a challenging workout. 

The instructors are fabulous- so talented and fun. The studio is the perfect environment to workout and focus physically and mentally. Pilates and Xtend Barre has kept me fit. I’m addicted to both.
- Megan T. Santa Cruz, CA.


I have been a client of Body in Motion for several years now. The instructors are super knowledgeable, caring, and motivating. The studio is beautiful and airy. Classes are challenging but well worth it. I love my Reformer classes. The Xtend class is the best workout – you have to try it. You will be pleasantly surprised!!
- Lori D. Watsonville, CA.


This is an EXCELLENT studio! I used to go to their Pilates Mat classes regularly, but then our family’s schedule changed and I couldn’t make it any more except on rare occasions. And BOY does my body feel it! The instructors a kind and they notice whenever I come and check up on how I’m doing. I look forward to the summer when I may be able to fit this in my schedule again!
- Sari L. Aptos, CA.


Love coming to Body in Motion when visiting my mom up north. Beautiful Pilates studio filled with BASI trained instructors. BASI trained are the best!
- Brooke P. Chino Hills, CA.


Wonderful Pilates studio. It is a small, intimate studio so clients receive very individualized attention. All of the instructors are great, but Ashley is absolutely phenomenal! Classes are conveniently scheduled throughout the day and the schedule is published on the studio’s website. The location is perfect, as it’s in a shopping center with a grocer, pharmacy, bank and dry cleaner. We are very fortunate to have this studio in Aptos!
- Ellen M. Aptos, CA.


I’m so happy I found Body in Motion! I recently moved back to the area and was having a difficult time finding a place that offers barre. It’s a bit of a drive to the studio but totally worth it. 

I’ve never done Pilates and decided to try the unlimited package that offers both barre and Pilates. I’m seriously addicted and my body has never looked so good. The instructors are all amazing and are extremely helpful and knowledgeable.
- Chelsea C. Santa Cruz, CA.


I’m going to start off saying I can’t say enough about Xtend Barre and Body in Motion. First off the instructors are INCREDIBLE!!!! They are tough but make it fun at the same time. They welcome you with smiling faces, and when you have missed a week, they notice, they ask where you have been. You can’t get that anywhere else. They are good at what they do and in shows in the results that you see. I have done Cross Fit, and I have don’t personal training but Xtend Barre works the muscles that you didn’t know you had. I go 3 to 4 times a week and I am still sore each and every time. I crave coming to their classes, and when I miss one I feel guilty inside, It’s become an addiction. I recommend Body In Motion to everybody!!!
- Jessica S. Aptos, CA.


I first began attending private sessions at this studio about 8 months ago and, boy, have I gone through a transformation since then! I am deeply grateful for the care and attention that I have received from the staff members. This is a classy place with extremely knowledgeable instructors. Truly, this experience has saved me from too many years of pain and instability. The increased strength has improved my confidence and peace of mind.

 Who couldn’t use a little more of that?!

 Thanks guys!
- Michelle S. Watsonville, CA.


I have been taking classes at Body in Motion for the past 8 months. During my first session I realized Pilates is for me! The instructors are so supportive and enthusiastic and they will help you meet your own goals and challenge you to discover more. Results don’t lie: I’m down 2 sizes and 35 lbs! Body in Motion didn’t just give me my body back, they are helping me create a better one. I can’t recommend this studio more, to anyone of any fitness level. The private sessions are amazing as are the apparatus classes. I know I’m working, but it feels like play! Xtend will reshape you and the body awareness gained in mat classes is invaluable. The instructors foster such confidence, I was intimidated walking through the door for the first time, but every time I reluctantly leave, I know my body better, I feel strong, and I like the way I look!
- Sarah K.